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Takaharu Yoshiyama
CEO Sintecs,Inc.

B.S. in Engineering, Dept. electrical engineering
Kyusyu Tokai University

Has 12 years experience at Remote Sensing Research Institute in developement of earth observation satellite, meteorological satellite reception system and image processing of received data.
Has a particularly strong focus on computer network and hardware.
After joining Sintecs, had received guidance as a consultant from former president Shin Kondo. In Sept. 2012, was inaugurated as CEO of Sintecs.
Currently, mainly engages in consulting information asset management of organizations, especially preventive type management, information security management system, environment, and quality management system.

Areas of Expertise:
Risk analysis of telecommunications network, System audit of information network system, Information security management, Environmental risk management, and Quality management

ISMS Lead Auditor(ISJ-A00393)

Shinya Kondo
Advisor Sintecs,Inc.

B.S. in Engineering, Dept. electrical engineering
Kyoto University

After worked at Sumitomo Corporation, he switched and restarted as a oil and gas development engineer of Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company. Spent 11 years in charge of duties in foreign countries such as the UK North Sea Oil Field, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on. Especially had involved in management fields such as project management, HSE (safety and health environment) management, human resource management, equipment and device management and so on, and acquired basic skills as a current consultant. After returning to Japan, was engaged in a joint venture establishment project in China as a person in charge of the overseas business department of the parts manufacturer in the Honda Motor group. Since founded Sintecs L’d. in 1997, consistently engages in consulting integrated risk management.

Areas of Expertise:
Integrated risk management (QHSSE), Project management, Crisis management
Quality management, Environmental risk management, Safety and health risk management

ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, ASQ Certified Quality Auditor
holds ASQ official certifications

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